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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs can you walk at once?

Although we have walked up to 6 dogs at a time for walks. We only do walks one dog at a time to ensure their safety and that they have out utmost attention.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

We can and will do our best to fit this arrangement in our schedule with the proper communication and notice from our clients and of course if any emergency was to arise.

Do you take my dogs to your place for pet sitting?

Under very few circumstances will we ever do this. We always recommend your pet being in the comfort of their own home which will help their stress and your worries while away.

Do you ever stay the night for visits over 24 hours?

This is our prefer method of pet sitting!

How far in advance do I book for pet sitting?

We recommend booking with us as soon as you know you have an upcoming trip as we fill up fast! Even if it is 6 months away, reserve your spot.

What happens when its raining and the weather is bad?

Regardless of the weather we will always show up for you and your pets, rain or shine! If travel conditions are unsafe we will notify you as soon as possible. We take pride in communicating with our clients so no matter what, we will be in touch.

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